Автоматическая Катушка ЧПУ обмоточная машина для 0,03-1,2 мм машина для намотки проволоки с одним валом 400 Вт бесщеточный мотор 220 В/110 в 6000 об/ми...

Автоматическая Катушка ЧПУ обмоточная машина для 0,03-1,2 мм машина для намотки проволоки с одним валом 400 Вт бесщеточный мотор 220 В/110 в 6000 об/ми...


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New Computer C Automatic Coil Winder Winding Machine for 0.03-1.2mm wire

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1. The controller adopts single-chip microprocessor design, which has stronger function, smaller volume and strong anti-interference ability; 2. The memory uses FLASH ROM, the capacity is large, and the winding data of 1000 steps can be stored. Each step can set 9 kinds of winding data separately, 5 kinds of function selections, and the data will not be lost after the power is cut off; 3. It can change the operation and operation mode for different products and occasions, and it can be used more widely. The winding shaft provides 100 winding speed selection, and the high speed and low speed of each step can be set separately; 4. The winding shaft provides 100-segment acceleration slope selection to make the winding shaft run more smoothly. 5. Counting resolution is high, up to 0.05 laps 6. The cable shaft stepping motor driver is driven by constant current to provide high speed, high torque and high precision positioning. 7. The position of the cable axis can be set by teaching or button. The data display window can display the current position of the cable axis. 8. Cable shaft provides 99-segment speed selection 9. With power-off memory function, sudden power-off during winding, can record current state, save parameters, save, wait for power-on, start to continue winding products, reduce material waste 10. A set of edit password settings in case the settings are changed arbitrarily 11. Error alarm function, can display error message and have a prompt tone; 13. The machine rubberized table part adopts: fine adjustment function, easy to adjust 14. The wire frame and the wire head are fixed on the cable rod to realize the function of synchronous movement. ​


Number of axes: (right out) single axis

power voltage:single phase AC 220V 50HZ Cop motor:three phase machine 400W(1/2hp) winding displacement machine:step-servo motor Spindle motor: Brushless DC Applicable wire diameter: 0.03-1.2mm Maximum winding width:108mm Maximum rotation diameter:200mm Maximum turning speed 6000 r/min,speed adjust function Storable winding groups:999 groups Counting resolution:0.05 circle Complete appliance weight:30kg Machine size:32*34*40CM Power plug can be selected: US plug / EU Plug / UK Plug / CN Plug Note: 1.the machine with English Manual.and If you need to operate or install the video,contact customer service, we can provide,thanks! 2.if you have any question,welcome to contact us.We will provide prompt response and the most excellent service. Optional accessories for the machine are: 1, MTB, MT, MTC type magnetic tensioner 2,0.6KG electromagnetic brake: provide accurate and powerful positioning brake; 3. Optional DC600W brushless motor In addition, the machine comes standard with a single axis, if required: Double-axis winding machine (machine standard DC600W brushless motor) Customers can contact our customer service as needed!

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1.This series of automatic filament winder computer controller adopts the latest synchronous winding , it is with high precision and there will be no obstacles appear when in excessive speed winding displacement process .

2.Super elevated wisdom model , it has self-inspecting functions, including the errors of the equipments ,excessive speed tracking and the calibration of the speed.

3.Has vernier caliper functions and can measure the winding width and starting point easily.

4.The speed of the cop motor can be changed at random when in operation , and the strand oscillator also can synchronize with it.

5.After the startup of the cop motor , the time of speed growing can be changed at random depend on the type of the machines.

6.Obtain winding excessive speed detecting function , and it can reduce the winding speed automatically to the most steady state.

7.Can settle data: starting point, wire gage, winding displacement width, circles, speed of starting the winding , stopping slow-speed, winding speed, slow lathe speed , winding displacement direction , winding direction , two-terminal stopping , automatic reset, automatic start (job-hopping winding)

8.Foot-switch connection for better efficiency.

9.Winding parameters and options can be set independently for each step.

10.Memory capacity accommodates 999 steps of parameters with off-power memory retention.

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