80 г чашка половина тела груди для трансвеститов искусственная грудь усилитель shemale Trandsgender tit Реалистичная силиконовая грудь

80 г чашка половина тела груди для трансвеститов искусственная грудь усилитель shemale Trandsgender tit Реалистичная силиконовая грудь


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Friendly reminder: Manufacturer direct selling,100% food grade silicone fake breast,false artifical boobs,soft and comfortable,odorless,tasteless,non-toxic,being sexy beauty. The picture is tight for reference, different body type, the effect will not be the same, if you receive the goods are not satisfied, please contact us, we can help you solve the problem! If you have questions about the size, do not blindly buy, please contact us, we will help you choose more suitable for your products. In order to protect buyers privacy, I will write "TOYS" on the box. This product now have 2 styles Cotton & Silicone Fillings, like it,Order now!!! If you are Russian,please leave your full name. I suggest buyers choose UPS for shipping Product information this product is suitable for height 160~190cm,weight 60~90kg people to wear suitable for Under bust 80~125cm (31.5〃-49.2〃)people to wear Wear products need to first product edge up to roll up 5 ~ 10cm and then wear. (Because the edge is thin, so you must roll up the edge in the wear.) 6 colors available, please contact customer service staff if you have any questions about color. Note: this packing method is limited to Spanish customers. if you have a limited quantity, you can get it first by placing an order first. Shipment related taxes from Chinese warehouses, no tariffs from Spanish warehouses

EYUNG Product Declaration

1: Regarding the injection hole and the vent hole.

Since the product is made of artificial potting, there are plastic injection holes and vent holes on the product and the cut surface is not a product quality problem.

2: About color chromatic aberration.

Product coloring has a direct influence on temperature, raw materials and pigments. Therefore, in the process of color production, different batches of raw materials and pigments will have a certain color difference. It is impossible to match your skin color 100%. We will only control the color difference to the minimum possible. This is an uncontrollable factor under current conditions. Therefore, the problem of product color difference is not a product quality problem.

3: About the mold opening line.

The products are hand-trimmed, and all the molds have mold opening lines. Due to the difference of products, the size of the mold opening lines will also have different sizes and proportions. Therefore, the mold opening line is not a product quality problem.

4: Planting ratio.

Due to the strong penetrability of the silica gel, penetration occurs when the hair is planted, and the penetration due to the hair growth is not a quality problem.

5: About the product color point.

Due to some uncontrollable factors, very few products have individual color points (blue). After testing, the color point of the product is controlled within 5 (including 5), which is not a quality problem.

6: About product creases.

Due to the characteristics of silica gel, the product will have creases during transportation and storage. Except for the quality problem of the chest crease, the creases of other parts are not quality problems.

About customs: Many European countries are very strict customs inspection, such as Germany, France, Belgium and so on, if you buy our products, products arrive at the customs, please actively cooperate with customs to pay taxes. About the product wear: The product is very thin at the edge, please wear talcum powder on your body before you wear it, then roll the product up and slowly wear it. Good products require good maintenance. About the color of the product: We have 6 colors available, but only 4 options are available. If you need other colors, such as color 6, please leave a message color 6, you can choose any one color, we take your message as the standard. (We also support the customization of product colors. If you need, please leave a message and attach your desired skin color photos. Customized products will not be accepted or returned.) About product repair and return: The product is not damaged, we support the return, if the product is damaged, we can help you for free repair service for the first time, and bear half the shipping costs. About malicious disputes and bad reviews: Products have any questions can contact me or our staff, if you submit the dispute directly to the platform directly involved, we do not have any authority interference. Malicious buyers please stay away from my shop. I will directly let you join our shop's blacklist. About normal feedback: If you have any good suggestions or comments, please contact me. If you feel that our products are better or have any shortcomings, you can leave feedback and we will actively cooperate. if you give us 5 stars,I will give u extra 5~10 dollars next time for this product. Thank you for your trust and choice EYUNG staff salutes you Распродажа Сохранить US $7.5 и Скидка 5% для 80 г чашка половина тела груди для трансвеститов искусственная грудь усилитель shemale Trandsgender tit Реалистичная силиконовая грудь с Оценка продукта: 4.7 Объем розничных продаж: 1 Последняя цена: US $142.49 Поставщика: EYUNG EYUNG CROSSDRESSING Store

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