Lintratek трехдиапазонный 900 1800 2100 GSM DCS WCDMA 2G, 3G, с функцией 4 аппарат не привязан к оператору сотовой связи усилитель сигнала 900/1800/2100 для сотового ...

Lintratek трехдиапазонный 900 1800 2100 GSM DCS WCDMA 2G, 3G, с функцией 4 аппарат не привязан к оператору сотовой связи усилитель сигнала 900/1800/2100 для сотового ...


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Lintratek Set GSM 900 1800 WCDMA 2100 Tri-Band Booster 2G 3G 4G LTE 1800 65dB Mobile Phone Signal Amplifier Cell Phone Cellular Repeater 4G Antennas

Model No


Working system


GSM frequency

Uplink :890-915mhz

Downlink :935-960mhz

DCS frequency

Uplink : 1710~1785MHz

Downlink :1805-1880 MHz

WCDMA frequency

Uplink : 1920-1980 MHz

Downlink :2110-2170 MHz



Power Supply


Connector Type

N female connector

Operating temperature


Power Comsumption

< 24W


50 ohm

Installation Type

Wall Installation

Environment Conditions



< 90%


Heatsink Convection cooling

Package contain 1.Tri-band booster for GSM900mhz+WCDMA2100mhz+DCS1800mhz 2. Charger EU Plug (AU/UK/US Adapter will come with the item according to your shipping address) 3.LPDA Antenna

4. Indoor Ceiling Antenna

5.15 Meters Black RG6 Coax. Cable

Product details Accessories contain Indoor antenna 800~2700MHz Gain:3dBi Omnidirectional antenna 15 Meters Black RG6 Coax. Cable N male - N male connector

Model No


Name of cable

Solid polyethylene insulated coaxial cables



DC Resistance of inner conductor at 20℃


Characteristic impedance

50 ohm ±2Ω



Inner conductor Material

Bare copper

Insulation Material


Outer conductor Material


Out jacket Material




Suitable for signal booster

2g 3g 4g network

Important notes To let a booster work it needs conditions :1.Matching signal frequency. Good outdoor signal strength

↓ Testing method ↓

1. please be sure that signal outside of your house is good enough to enable booster to work , what good signal is:
a). stand there to check if you can make fluent call or not,if can ,then you buy ,otherwise please dont buy ;
b). Put your phone there to check its signal strengthness :
Android : setting→about phone→status→network ,dbm display shall be at -90dbm to -95dbm around ;
IOS : dial *3001#12345#*, dbm display shall be at -90dbm to -95dbm around ;

Samsung phone .Holding the phone to the outside. Dial: *#0011# →ServiceMode→

2. Please be sure the place where you are going to install is GSM 900MHz(Uplink:890~915Mhz Down link:835~960MHz) / WCDMA 2100mhz(Band 1:Uplink:1920~1980 MHz;Downlink:2110~ 2170 MHz) /DCS 1800MHz(Uplink:1710~1785MHz;Downlink:1805~1880MHz)

3. ( Important ) Install them correctly to avoid interference ( auto osillation ), when interference exist , signal LED will be normal on,but phone can not make call or no signal displayed on phone, for small cars ,it is a big problem to solve . Many buyers meet this problem , and can not solve it well

For avoiding unhappiness ,please do not buy before you are clear about the above .

If you have any question ,feel free to contact us .

If protection time is running over ,please contact to extend time ,

Need us suggestion,please contact us before buying .

We will give you a best solution to get the best signal .Thank you.

Booster wroking

Installation Approaches:

1.Fix up outdoor antenna on the housetop and point to signal tower.

2.Connect outdoor antenna to "BTS" in repeater via cable;

3.Connect indoor antenna to"Mobile" in repeater via cable;

4.Plug the power adaptor,power light will be lighting ,when the outdoor antenna receive the strong signal the LCD will be display the signal Please note that,when you find signal twinkling and have no full signal display that means have no signal input and you need to check your outdoor antenna position.

TIP: An outdoor antenna should be "isolated" from the internal antenna, that is, there must be constructive obstacles (walls, partitions, etc.) between the antennas.

When the distance between the external antenna and internal antenna is not far enough, both antennas will receive signal from the other one, then your phone will not receive any signal.

A mobile phone signal repeater provides the ultimate solution in any area where Cellular communications can not work well due to leak of signals,the repeater Device features easy installation & operation ,build-in indoor antenna and no Interferece,it could also improve indoor electromagnetism environments. Protract cellular battery life and reduce radiation of cellphones. A mobile phone repeater is ideal for house ,home,office use. High gain ,easy installation and operation. Full-duplex,singal-port design,build-in power supply. Use ALC technology ,adjust extent automatically. LED light working &signal condition indicators. Big linear power,control intermodulation & scatteration stably. Problems and solutions ( important ) , please read : All booster will be tested before shipping to ensure quality , if you dont know any about booster and installation please start from 0 as below . 1. After power connected ,if LCD does not display or power LED is not on ,it means booster is defective ,kindly choose a friendly to solve it ,we accept to reship or refund. Andy dispute or negative will cause you on black list and an uncooperative solution ; 2. After you connet cables and antenna onto booster ,Lcd display 1-3 bars, you need to change your external antenna to a better place to gain stronger signal, if you use small pin antenna ,please upgrade it to a panel or a yagi ; If you can not find a place with good signal to enable booster with full bar display ,it means your outdoor signal is too bad ,booster will not work . So please kindly contact for a solution to return . 3. After you connet cables and antenna onto booster ,Lcd display full bar or signal LED is on ,but phone can not make call , it means big interference ( not booster quality problem ) which cause booster dead called auto osillation , so you need ( indoor and outdoor antenna can not see each other ) : 1). Use longer cable to enable external antenna far away from booster and indoor antenna ; 2). Face external and internal antenna to different direction; 3). Close widows or door to ensure both antennas well insulated . 4). Check with your operator to ask what frequency are adopted in your area to ensure your booster matchs ( operator will use 900mhz in some area and use 1800mhz in an other area ) . Распродажа Сохранить US $95.36 и Скидка 54% для Lintratek трехдиапазонный 900 1800 2100 GSM DCS WCDMA 2G, 3G, с функцией 4 аппарат не привязан к оператору сотовой связи усилитель сигнала 900/1800/2100 для сотового ... с Оценка продукта: 4.8 Объем розничных продаж: 7 Последняя цена: US $81.24 Поставщика: Shenzhen Lipotech Communication Co., Ltd

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