500 кг двухсторонний сильный неодимовый магнит большой магнитный сильный спасательный речной Рыбалка магниты кольцо крючок постоянный Imanes

500 кг двухсторонний сильный неодимовый магнит большой магнитный сильный спасательный речной Рыбалка магниты кольцо крючок постоянный Imanes


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Product Description Neodymium Recovery Fishing Magnet/ Searching Magnet Dectecting Magnet Magnet Fishing was made of N42 neodymium magnet and steel shell, the neodymium magnet is putted into one steel shell which concentrates the magnetic force on one side of magnet and increase the attracting force of magnet incredibly (2.5-4 times for same size of magnet) .At the same time , the steel sheel can protect the neodymium magnet against chipping and cracking during grabing and clamping. It is mainly used for tool droppers & Treasure hunters or Holding, Lefting / Fixing some parts in place in industry. Product Parameter: 1. Part Name: D97mm Neodymium Fishing /Searching Magnet with a eye bolt. 2. Material: Neodymium Magnet N42 +A3 steel+Black Resin 3. Size: D97mm (Diameter) * 40mm (Magnetic Base Height ) 4. Vertical Pull-force: 500KG Of Each Side (Two Side of Magnetic Attracting Force ) Horizontal Pull-force:120KG on base of 30mm thickness steel Plate. 5. Net Weight: 2.50KG (Normally Shipping by courier express TNT, UPS, FEDEX , DHL and SO On ) 6. MAX Working Temperature: 80 degrees Product Features: 1. Incredibly powerful resulting from Steel Cup 2. Two Side of Magnetic Attracting Surface 3. Steel covering avoiding any scratch and chipping of neodymium magnets 4. Accessory:Two Eye-bolt+ One Screw included 5. Numerous Application: Perfect For Magnet Fishing and Retrieving Applications 6. Quantity: 1Piece Magnet per package


1.The magnetic pull force 500kg was tested using a computer-controlled tensile tester, it is the vertical pull-force which make the fishing magnet pull way from the steel plate 40mm thickness under ideal condition. The actual pull force will vary mainly depending on the following variables:

a: Steel thickness :The thinner the steel, the lower the pull force, 500KG vertical magnetic pull force was got on base of 40mm thickness steel Plate

b: Pulling direction :The bigger of the pulling direction beyond 90°, the lower the pull force, normally the Pull force in horizontal direction is only about one third of that in vertical direction.

c: Attracting position :The farther beyond the center of gravity, the lower the pull force.

In addition, iron chips of magnetic surface also reduce the pull-force of magnet at some extent.

2.Magnet just only attract iron , ferrous metal and nickel, do not attract gold, silver, copper, aluminums and their alloy and stainless Steel

3. Magnetic force concentrates on the bottom of the fishing magnet, there is hardly any magnetic force of other surfaces .


Normally DHL/UPS/Fedex IE with Tracking Number.

CDEK for Russia, if CDEK inconvenient, kindly please leave a message to us when placing the order, thanks.

Shipped out within 2days after receiving payment.

Russia , Brazil: 15-45 working days

United States: 7-15 working days

Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany :7-20working days

Other countries: No More than 40 working days.

Please Contact us via email or trader manager after 30 working days if you still have not receive your parcel.


For any magnetic product in our store, if you want to buy it in small batch , especially the gross weight is more than 20KG, kindly please check with us to get cheaper freight cost (The heavier the gross weight , the cheaper the freight cost )


Strong Magnet is easily brittle;

Strong Magnet could pinch your finger badly;

Keep strong magnet away from Children;

Do not allow magnets to attach together (especially naked neodymium magnet), any cracks and chips could hurt your eyes.


We are a leading supplier in China specializing in producing kinds of magnetic assemblies.With experienced technology ,we can design and develop kinds of magnetic product containing plastic ,rubber ,maching,stamping parts which are widely used in kinds of industries.

All magnetic assemblies are produced according to the strict quality system and their production procedures are completely under control. Nearly all products are exported to North America, Europe ,Japan. If any magnetic project or you have a good idea for magnetic application, kindly please let us know, we will design, develop and produce it for you. You can reach us via email or trade manager (Live chat) in english, we will give your feedback immediately Thank you very much.

Weclome end customers, wholesalers, distributors all over the world purchase our strong magnets and their assemblies in small batch or in mass, thanks again.

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