Усилитель сигнала GSM повторитель 2G 3g 4G усилитель мобильного телефона 900 DCS LTE 1800 WCDMA 2100 трехдиапазонный усилитель сотовой связи

Усилитель сигнала GSM повторитель 2G 3g 4G усилитель мобильного телефона 900 DCS LTE 1800 WCDMA 2100 трехдиапазонный усилитель сотовой связи


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Signal Booster GSM Repeater 2G 3G 4G Amplifier Mobile Phone 900 DCS LTE 1800 WCDMA 2100 Tri Band Cell Phone Cellular Booster Please make sure you can get at least 2 bars 2g/3g/4g signal of outdoor before you buy, otherwise this product can’t help you. It needs outdoor good signal to improve your indoor signal. stand there to check if you can make fluent call or not,if can ,then you buy ,otherwise please dont buy ; -100dbm to -105dbm means bad,so please dont buy!!! Suitable For Countries:Russia, Spain, France, Brazil, Europe,Asia etc. 3.Please be sure the place where you are going to install is: 1>GSM 900mhz (Uplink:890-915Mhz Downlink:935-960Mhz) 2>WCDMA 2100MHZ(Band 1:Uplink:1920-1980 MHz;Downlink:2110-2170 MHz) 3>DCS 1800MHZ(Band 3:Uplink: 1710-1785 MHz;Downlink:1805-1880MHz) Packaging Including:( This link including everything you need . ) 1. 2G 3G 4G signal repeater 2. AC Power Cord (DC 12V 2A ) 3. External log periodic antenna 4. Internal panel antenna 5. 13 meter cable Here's how to check your phone's band and signal strength. 1] Android System Step:Setting->About phone->Status->SIM Status
2] IPhone System Step:Call *3001#12345#*->Serving Cell Info Installation method: 1. nstall an outdoor antenna on the roof and point to the tower 2. onnect the outdoor antenna to the signal repeater via cable 3. Connect the signal repeater through the indoor antenna 4. heck that all connectors are secure and plugged in. carry out! Note: The outdoor antenna should be ldquoisolatedrdquo from the internal antenna, ie there must be constructive obstacles (walls, partitions, etc.) between the antennas. Selling Point: 1. Work for 2G/GSM 900Mhz, 3G/WCDMA 2100Mhz, 4G/LTE/DCS 1800Mhz Signal Repeater 2. Frequency range: UL 890-915/1710-1785/1920-1980MHz; DL 935-960/1805-1880/2110-2170MHz 3. With LCD display, can indicate the signal status, strength. 4. Gain:70dbi / Output power:20dbm large power, can go through the barriers easier. 5. Support more than 20 cell phones to use at the same 6. Improve 2G 3G 4G at the same time 7. Coverage area: cover about 500~800sqm without barrier. 8. Easy to install. This repeater set includes everything you need.


Items are only ship after payment confirmed(normally will ship within 48 hours). We just ship to the correct address depend on the order details ,before place an order please write down your matching address. After 45 days (expect Brazil) if you still didn't receive the parcel, please contact us before dispute, please give us a chance to check the reason and solve the problem. All goods we will double check before shipping, to make sure it can works and in good condition.


All devices have one years warranty from our store. Any product problems please show us an video or some photos of your complete installation, we will ask our technician to check and help you. Please do not open dispute or leave negative feedback before contact us. We value our customers as well as our feedback profile.


Please contact us via Message Center, we will reply you within 24 hours(except weekend and the holiday of China). For further better service to you, when you have product problem please remember to show us an video or some photos of your complete installation. This is very important. We will answer all messages as quickly as possible, thank you in advance for your patience.


We accept all payment methods that listed by AliExpress. We are not responsible for any VAT or custom charges. Whether need to pay import taxes or not, depending on your country policy. If you can not accept, please don't not buy. 188.00 213.00 185.00 48.00 118.00 59.00 59.00 128.00

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