ES9038 ES9038PRO декодер обновление до cristek CCHD-575 HIFI USB аудио ЦАП цифровой аналоговый аудио конвертер XMOS или Amanero DSD512

ES9038 ES9038PRO декодер обновление до cristek CCHD-575 HIFI USB аудио ЦАП цифровой аналоговый аудио конвертер XMOS или Amanero DSD512


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We are also audiophiles. Every product is tested by us. We will let you receive the package safely, enjoy music and our high quality service.if any question or good advice or feedback,please email us.Thanks!!!

Provide customized and upgrad services to make the best products!!!

It is NEW ES9038PRO DAC V1.3 upgrade to Crystek CCHD-575, add the remote control

Price versions : difference is the opamps and with or without usb card, and usb card two kinds. please order as your need.


Bundle 1 : JRC5534DD*2 + JRC5532DD*2 + without USB Card Bundle 2 : JRC5534DD*2 + JRC5532DD*2 + XU208 XMOS USB Card Bundle 3 : JRC5534DD*2 + JRC5532DD*2 + Amanero USB Card(it is refe version) GOLD: Bundle 1 : AD797*2 + MUSES 8920*2 + without USB Card Bundle 2 : AD797*2 + MUSES 8920*2 + Amanero USB Card (it is refe version) Bundle 3 : AD797*2 + MUSES 8920*2 + XU208 XMOS USB Card The DAC is based on ES9038PRO, which is the latest product from ESS, 4 channels are parallel connected at MONO mode,It is under soft control with MCU to maximize the performance.upgrade to Crystek CCHD-575 with remote control,more Better, more stable 1. XMOS XU208 asynchronous USB input or Amanero USB input, XMOS support DSD DOP up to DSD128, Amanero support DSD nativeup to DSD512. 2. Crystek CCHD-575 high precision oscillator. 3. Use 2 pcs 30VA professional audio HIFI R-core transformers, digital and analog independently powered,More superior. 4.Between the motherboard and the transformer, use a special shield to isolate Sampling rate: PCM:
44.1KHz,48KHz,88.2KHz,96KHz,176.4KHz,192KHz(coaxial/optical input),
USB input support 352.8KHz,384KHz DSD:
USB INPUT support DSD native DSD64,DSD128,DSD256,DSD512 (Amanero USB module)
coaxial/optical support DSD DOP up to DSD64. Specification: Power supply: AC 115V/ 230V (will send according to voltage in your country) Input: coaxial/optical, (USB input is optional, need usb card) Output: RCA, and XLR balanced output Frequency response:20hz to 20KhzS/N ratio: <-120DB Total harmonic distortion: <0.002% Size: 280 (W) * 212mm(D) * 62mm(H) Weight: 4 KG (without AC power cable) Q: why use professional audio HIFI R-core transformers? A:R core transformer is a new kind of dry type transformer. the magnetic core of R core transformer is made from continuous silicon steel strip, and the cross section is round, like O core transformer. R core transforer has the advantages of low noise, low flux leakage, low no-load current, low loss, and high efficiency. R core transforer is a kind of copper saving transformer, needs less copper for each turn. It has greater explosive power than toroidal transformer. The bobins of R core transformer are made of PBT plastic, which has a strong dielectric strength and fire resistance. R core transformer is widely used in industrial control, home appliances, hi-fi audio equipment, signal equipment, office device, communication apparatus, test instrument and medical instrument. Copper wire OFC(Oxygen Free Copper) copper wire applied in our R core transformers, OFC has no hydrogen embrittlement, and has a high conductivity. Low noise R core transformer has high isolation degree. it can improve the signal-to-noise ratio, isolate the harmonic interference, reduce the noise, make he background cleaner. R core transforer can fully improve the quality of sound.

Face color: black and silver. we ship black by default.

If this price exceeds your budget, you can also purchase another decoder, which is cost-effective. The only difference is the crystal below:

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