Новый Ruide призмы тахеометр RTS-822R4 prism лазерный тахеометр Prism

Новый Ruide призмы тахеометр RTS-822R4 prism лазерный тахеометр Prism
  • ПоставщикаSanDing surveying and mapping instruments Co., LTD
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Product Description:

Rui the latest RTS-822R4, Prism 400m laser total station, absolute encoder, biaxial compensation; new high-precision temperature and pressure auto sensor automatically correct temperature, barometric pressure, saving measurement time; simultaneously in each waterproof rubber ring structure waterproof, waterproof dust and moisture; SD card + USB data transfer; increase the laser point function, at the same time you can choose to add a laser point, more convenient to use.

Distance measurementSingle prismTriangular prismNo prism
Figures show: 99999999.999 minimum: 1mm
Accuracy2 +2 ppm
Measuring time1.0 seconds ACCUTLOG track 0.5 seconds
Meteorological correctionManual input / auto-sensing
Prism constant correctionThe input parameters automatically correct
Angle measurement
GoniometerAngle measurement of the absolute encoder
Code disc diameter79mm
Minimum reading0.1'
Detection methodLevel disk: disk diameter vertical: Path
Barrel length154mm
The effective aperture of the objective lensTelephoto: 45mm Ranging: 50mm
Magnification30 ×
FOV1 ° 30 "
Resolution1 "
Minimum focusing distance1m
Automatic vertical compensator
SystemThe biaxial liquid electronic sensing compensation
Scope of work± 3 '
Accuracy1 "
Vial30 "/ 2mm
Circular level8 '/ 2mm
Optical Plummet
Magnification3 ×
Focus range0.5m ~ ?
FOV5 °
Display section
TypeDouble-sided, digital key + letter key
Onboard battery
Power supplyRechargeable nickel - hydrogen battery
VoltageDC 6V
Continuous working time16Hour
Size and weight
Size160mm × 150mm × 340mm
Последняя цена US $1890.00 для Новый Ruide призмы тахеометр RTS-822R4 prism лазерный тахеометр Prism с Объем розничных продаж: 0 Оценка продукта: 5.0 Поставщика: SanDing surveying and mapping instruments Co., LTD

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