Новый Южная NTS-362R6LC общая станция безотражательный тахометр с лазерным центриром

Новый Южная NTS-362R6LC общая станция безотражательный тахометр с лазерным центриром
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South NTS-362R Total Station is functioned by reflectorless distance measurement, range up to 600m which is applicable for long distance measurement with high accuracy on various kinds of materials or colors such as wall, wire pole, wire, cliff, hill, earth, timber pile, etc. For those targets which are not easy or even impossible to reach, reflectorless distance measurement can complete the measurement task easily.

  • 2″ Accuracy
  • Fast distance measurement of 0.5s(Tracking Mode).
  • 17000 Points internal memory
  • Absolute Encoding Disk
  • Dual Axis Compensation
  • SD card Function and USB interface
  • 300m Reflectorless Distance Measurement
  • IP65 water proof rugged and operator friendly.
  • Various surveying programs inbuilt
  • Standard usage temperature range-20°to +50°C.
ModelSouth NTS-362R6LC
Distance Measurement (fine weather condition) Max. Range
1 Prism5.0Km
Reflectorless Fine Mode5+2ppm
Reflectorless Tracking Mode10+2ppm
Reflector (Prism) Fine Mode2+2ppm
Reflector (Prism) Tracking Mode5+2ppm
Reflector (Prism) IR Sheet Mode5+2ppm
ReadingMax. 99999999.9999m; Min 0.1mm
Measuring Time ReflectorlessTracking mode: <0.5s; Fine mode:<1.2s
Measuring Time Reflector (Prism)Tracking mode: <0.5s; Fine mode:<1.2s; IR Sheet mode:<1.2s
Atmospheric CorrectionManual inpur, Auto correction
Atmospheric refraction ∧ Earth Curvature CorrectionManual inpur, Auto correction
Prism Constant CorrectionManual inpur, Auto correction
Distance UnitMeter / U.S. Feet/International feet/Feet-inch selectable
Angle Measurent
Measurement MethodAbsolute continuous
Raster Disk Diameter79mm
Minimum Reading1″/5″ selectable
Detection MethodHorizontal: Dual, Vertical: Dual
Effective ApertureTelescope: 45mm; (EDM: 50mm)
Field of View1°30′
Resolving Power3″
Minimum Focusing Distance1m
Auto Compensator
SystemDual axis Liquid-electric
Compensation Range±3′
Level Sensitivity
Plate Vial30″/2mm
Circular Vial8’/2mm
Optical Plummet
Focusing Range0.5m ∼ ∞
Field of View
On-board Battery
TypeNi-H, Rechargeable
Voltage6V (DC)
Operating Time10 hours
DisplayLCD, 6 Lines, Digital
Data CommunicationRS-232C, USB, SD Card
Data Storage2M internal memory, Ready for 17,000 data blocks
External upto 8GB SD Card
IP StandardIP65
Operating Temprature-20°C ∼ +50°C
Dimension160 x 150 x 330mm
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