Новая точность T20T gps rtk приемник одна база и один Ровер

Новая точность T20T gps rtk приемник одна база и один Ровер
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configuration list :Host head *2Screw transmitter/receiver antenna*2Lithium battery *4 blocksLithium battery charger*1cases *2Pedestal*1Height gauge *2X3 hand book *1Handbook data line *1 rootHandbook bracket*1Radio *1GPS carbon fiber rod *1 root

World-class advanced motherboard
Sanding T20T cm-class GPS-RTK adopts world-class advanced motherboard BD970, which uses Trimble's embedded positioning technology as the core of precision positioning application, providing long-term accessibility guarantee; up to 220 channels, supporting current dual-star applications, and more for the future Multi-star system.
Advanced dual Bluetooth technology
It can connect to the host and mobile phone at the same time, support the mobile phone to receive differential signals, connect to the CORS system, and update real-time data.
Intelligent design
Record multi-path suppression, advanced low-angle satellite tracking technology, significantly improve RTK initialization; host intelligent self-test technology, plug-and-play U disk design.
Fast and stable network data link
Professional SIEMENS network module, high-sensitivity network signal capture capability, ultra-short-time dialing, compatible with the mainstream CORS system in the market, stable and efficient, and reach a fixed solution faster, ensuring smooth and smooth measurement.
The world's top UHF data link
Radio frequency, digital processing, baseband processing, three advanced technologies, channel data transmission rate of 19200bps, high-speed stability, long-distance operation.
Imported industrial grade book
Sanding T20T cm-level GPS-RTK full-featured numeric keypad, WinCE/Windous Mobile operating system, supports maximum expansion of CF card, IP65 grade waterproof and dustproof design, anti-1.5m natural drop.
IP67 industrial designThe whole machine is integrated and sealed, and the internal frame design is strengthened. The widened and thick waterproof rubber ring and drain plug are designed for the field construction environment.Technical indicators:Receiver accuracy indexmodeRTK horizontal accuracy
: ±1cm+1ppm
RTK vertical accuracy
: ±2cm+1ppm
Static, fast static plane accuracy
Static, fast static elevation accuracy
: ±5mm+1ppm
Code differential positioning accuracy
:0.45m (CEP)
Stand-alone positioning accuracy
:1.5m (CEP)Receiver sectionDouble star 220 channelGPS:L1C/A, L2E, L2C, L5GLONASS:L1C/A, L1P, L2C/A (GLONASSM only), L2P
:L1C/A, L5
:L1BOC, E5A, E5B, E5AltBOC (supported)
:L1CBOC, E5A, E5B, E5AltBOC (supported)
Advanced Tianbao Maxwell6 measurement GNSS technology
Physical indexsize
Height 96mm, diameter 184mm, sealing rubber ring to the bottom height 60mm
1.2kg (with battery)
Single battery capacity
7.4V, single battery continuous working time can reach 6-8 hours,External DC power supply, wide input range 12-15V, automatic switching between internal and external power supply
Sturdy and lightweight outer casing, resistant to 2 meters of natural fall
Underwater 1m soak
Completely prevent dust from entering
Built-in GPRS/CDMA network communication part
Support GPRS/CDMA network communication service, international universal automatic network login, compatible with access of various CORS systems
Function keys and indicators
Two-button operation: flexible setting of receiver working mode and data link modeworking environment
Operating temperature
:-40°C ~ +75°C
storage temperature
:-55°C ~ +85°C
Handbook parametersmodel
Waterproof and dustproof
: IP65 (optional IP67)
: Resistance to 1.5 meters of natural fall
:PXA270 520MHZ (optional 624MHZ)
Memory card
:128M (optional 256M)
CF card
: Maximum limited expansion
Operating temperature
:-20°C ~ +50°C
storage temperature
:-40°C ~ +60°C
Radio comprehensive indicator
Frequency Range
Channel transmission rate
Channel spacing
Number of storage channels
Frequency stability
: ±2.0ppm
Wireless impedance
Ambient temperature
:25°C ~ +60°C
: 10~90% relative temperature, no condensation
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