Estares Управляемый светодиодный светильник ARION 60W RGB S-542-SHINY-220V-IP44

Estares Управляемый светодиодный светильник ARION 60W RGB S-542-SHINY-220V-IP44


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Led tracking light Арион has size 565х565мм, fit for both light flats (rooms) also suitable for lighting office and administrative areas, halls etc. d. Has A backlight Kant RGB. Flash Diffuser lamp has the effect of Aurora SHINY. FEATURES -Function control light output from 10-100% -Function control color temperature 2700-6500 K -Function night light -Modern materials case and universal design. Lamp series Астрелла natural will fit in any interior and will it decoration. Modern design lamp Arion remote allows it to be used in a variety of interiors, hotels, Coffee, restaurants, the rooms Leisure, etc. D .. Single lamp Астрелла: -Replace all the lights in the room from 12 to 18 kV. M -Will reduce your costs for lighting up to 80% -Прослужит more than 20 years. -Warranty 2 years


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